Pocket RETRO FC 3.0 INCH screen classic game machine built-in 400 non-repetitive games Tv Mini Gameboys

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Product details of Pocket RETRO FC classic game machine built-in 400 non-repetitive games-Black

  • Good quality with Fashion Design
  • Ergonomics Handle Design
  • Sensitive Key
  • Longer playing tiem with large capacity battery

1. Concentrated game content, rich game selection
NES games with a strong childhood taste, Adventure Island, Water Pipe Mary, Contra, etc. have repeatedly appeared in memory. The game content in the game console is selected based on the player’s evaluation and favorite level, and 400 games provide more choices for the user’s experience.

2. Comfortable screen size, support for linked TV

The screen size is 3.0 INCH, which is slightly larger than the normal NES game console, and the eyes are relatively comfortable to use. Taking into account the player’s requirements for screen size, the game console also adds the function of linking TV, a small AV cable makes the big screen of the TV become your game console.
3. The buttons are sensitive and comfortable, and the experience is more excellent.
Taking into account the player’s habits, the game machine uses the cross button, the button is more prominent, the use is more in line with the feeling of the red and white machine handle when the child, the thick body and sensitive buttons add a lot to the game machine.

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